Nuvo Ambassador

am a Nuvo Ambassador, working with the Nuvo company to improve access to musical instruments in an affordable way.  This opens opportunities to start a lifetime of love of playing music and all the benefits that music brings.  You can read more about me, my training and my CV here.

Nuvo musical instruments are lighter, more robust and simpler to learn than traditional instruments.  They are all tuned to concert pitch (C) and this means that new musicians can be playing along to guitar or keyboard much more quickly.

I teach using the Nuvo Clarinéo (from age 5) and jSAX (from age 4), and you can find out more by visiting the Nuvo music site at, or the information leaflet for the Clarinéo is here, and for the jSAX is here.

Nuvo use innovative approaches to instrument production to make them:


The instruments are ergonomically suitable for all ages. They are lightweight and easy to handle.


The instruments are designed to make note production easy for beginners but the quality of the tone is not compromised.


The instruments can withstand extreme use making them particularly suited to the classroom. It is safe to keep them assembled and out on a desk stand or wall hanger, which encourages more frequent practice.


The instruments can be customised. You can buy from a range of colours and styles.


The instruments are easy to carry around, assemble and clean. The materials used are 100% washable in warm soapy water! They are easily maintained.


The instruments are affordable to hire (see the prices here) or to buy.