School Group Tuition

I am able to provide in-school group tuition to complete beginner groups, using a combination of Nuvo instruments.  The sessions provide a good taste of the fun that comes with playing in an ensemble.  These sessions are designed for beginner students from age 5 upwards.

These sessions are designed to be the start of a musical journey. Student may want to start one-to-one tuition during or after the programme.

I usually work with a group over a series of weeks, possibly as an after-school or lunch group. I provide the instruments, then clean and maintain them after the sessions. Students with their own instruments could also attend, making groups up to a size of ten.

Nuvo instruments are designed for easy playing in groups, and they are all tuned to the key of C, allowing students to easily progress between parts in an ensemble as they improve.

I am an experienced school teacher with valid DBS and safeguarding qualifications presented on request.

If you are interested in having me visit please contact me I'll get back to you as soon as possible and we can agree a package to suit your school.

In case you want to see what we might get up to, Nuvo have produced a selection of easy to play resources for beginners, including a version of Uptown Funk:

Uptown Funk on Nuvo instruments