For most people who are starting a new instrument, the focus should be on developing good musicianship and enjoyment at the progress with the instrument, but as you progress you may wish to study for recognised qualifications in your instrument. 

ABRSM Music Medals

I'm a Music Medals Teacher Assessor for the ABRSM, which means you can complete the Teacher Assessed ABRSM Music Medal Awards with me.

A great place to start for beginners is with the ABRSM Music Medals.  Many of my students progress through the sequence of Music levels from Copper up to Platinum. These are a great programme to follow because:
  • You complete the exam with me in my studio, and I record, upload, mark and administer the exam. My assessments are moderated by the ABRSM, and you receive a certificate and detailed feedback from the examiner as well as me.
  • You can complete the Music Medals on the Nuvo plastic instruments - you don't need to buy or borrow a traditional metal instrument.
  • They give you a chance to experience a real music exam. You play an ensemble piece (usually with me) and a solo piece, and then do one other test of skill: students usually work towards sight-reading.
  • You can complete the Music Medal exam at a time suitable to you - you don't need to travel to an exam venue at an inconvenient time.

ABRSM Practical Exams

I can also support you towards your practical exams for the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) on the clarinet and the saxophone.  A wide range of my students have progressed through grade exams with me, including students who I've taught online.

If you are interested in training for exams we will be able to discuss the exam dates and entry fees as the time approaches.  For more information visit the ABRSM site.